escape from hot hot summer

Line Friends

Meeting Animation Characters~

Bubble Bubbles~

Taking photos of each other

BU Alumni Concert

School bus driving~~ needs liscense

way to our home, right before a sudden shower

바르미샤브샤브~~ 굿굿^^


Ato Cheesecake + Iced Americano 🍰🍹

Lotte World Mall ⬇️

Layered Choco-Fudge Cake + Capuccino

Lotte World Aquarium⬇️

We were in the Aquarium Tunnel, just as if we were really in the deep ocean. What a cool architectural interior design!

Beluga Whale, just say “Wow!”

Irene was mostly very scared of big fish, not leaving my arms…😖 yet she seemed to enjoy the aquarium.

Bubble, Bubble, Bubbles~!💜❤️💙💚💦

sweet date


Jump Jump!!

A bucket of happiness♥️

hand-made heart♥️

Avenue France

Ice-cream Churros

Bukchon bloody-cool noodle, galbi, and dumplings

BMI meeting

us @ pororo park

me, with new hair color~~^^

pororo’s chair fits Irene~

pororo’s bed

watching magic show and pororo dance


pororo train

right after short but deep nap~

여름의 별것없는 일상

엣날을 회상해보다. 후배웨딩.

흔들려도 좋아.


따로 또 같이 노는 또래.

역시나 또 따로, 그러나 함께.

반가운 사람들 앞에서 깨알자랑하다. 

그리고 팥빙수 두통 해치우다.

잘생긴 오빠 품에 다소곳한 여자가 되다.

신분당선 신기해요.



츄러스와 아이스크림 콤비.