What a date!

Date with Honey❤

Gyungbok-Goong in Seoul (Traditional Korean Palace during Chosun Dynasty)

very useful selfie stick


경회루 ❤ @ Frozen pond



아 추워~~ ㅋ 

돼지❤ Piggy

토끼❤ Rabbit



staring at you! with all my heart~

삼청동 길~~ Samchung Avenue

눈나무집 떡갈비와 김치말이국수 

Galbi & Kimchi noodle

맛있었고, 추웠지만 낄낄거려 즐거웠던 하루…

이런 데이트 하는 날들이 무척이나 소중하고 감사하다.

little Irene seems especially more cute today! 

Irene’s progress

she is doing a little better today, but still not in a perfect condition…

light fever, coughing hard, losing her voice, and having hard time breathing… they are all symptoms of laryngitis.

It’s really difficult to watch babies who are sick.

I still thank her for getting better than yesterday; let’s get even better tomorrow! 

and thanks alot granpa, granma for a surprise visit!^^

Despite her illness, Irene did go and participate few activities at her school.

Dressed up for Lunar New Year’s Day and giving a bow to her teacher~~

so cute!

after school snack… she gets more today!

Mom’s birthday

Happy Birthday Mom, and Happy 34th Anniversary, Mom and Dad~! 

I love you so much~!!

11 Things that keep perfect marriage, based on what I have observed from my parents:

1. watch each other with tender and loving eyes

2. prepare dedicated food for your loved one

3. try your best to be available for help at anytime

4. go for a walk together often

5. say things that heal and encourage each other

6. listen to each other carefully and to the fullest with sincerity.

7. hug each other with joy after brief farewells.

8. give a gift from the heart on special days

9. remember and recognize your beloved one’s own scent

10. embrace and cuddle each other when sleeping

11. enjoy the cozy feeling when you wake up and realize that your the other half is next to you


(Today, Irene is super sick… she has no energy, no appetitie, and no smile…)

she even refused cheesecake!

please get well soon!!

Pororo Park

This weekend, we had a trip to Pororo Theme Park.

 Hugging Pororo and friends~~

Irene was shocked at first, but eventually became super excited to meet these animation characters.
 Hide and Seek~~!

꼭꼭 숨어라~~ 어디어디 숨었니~~?!
 Wow~! The Surreal Pororo House is now Real~!!

Thanks for inviting us, Pororo~^^
 Here they come~! and Dance Dance~!

튼튼체조 궈궈~
 Can we shake hands??

Huge Block stacking, and short trail walk
Burried at the ball pool <31454207013197
Peek-a-boo~! We’ll come again~!


Mommy, I think I’m meeting Pororo again in my dreams~~

Cutie little one

아직 말은 많이 못하지만 왠만한 대화소통이 가능하다.

언제 이렇게 컸을까 우리딸~

애교도 철철넘치고, 자기 주관? 뚜렷하고, 얌채인듯 착한 아린이다.

이래서 딸이 꼭 있어야 하는건가~~

잘먹고 잘자고 잘 노는 우리딸을 보고있자니 앞으로 이런저런 교육을 어떻게 시켜야 잘하는것인지 부담감이 없지않다.  


family fun time

아린이가 아빠와 번개맨 뮤지컬에 다녀왔다~ 그것도 주중 낮에~~^^ 이런 아빠 또 없습니다. 

번개~~~~~ 파!워!!

아린이만큼 신난 아린애비~~❤    


많이컸네 우리딸램~~ 지하철도 잘타고 씩씩하게 잘도 걸어다녀요~!


우리부부가 좋아하는 카페~  @Ato

오늘 한국날씨 영하 17도로 최고 추운 날인데도 우리는 집을 나섰다. 

(사실은 분리수거하러 총출동…흐흐)


커피가 있고, 

치즈케잌이 있고, 




a special visit

by Irene’s god-mother/my friend

what a joyful and memorable time for all of us!

Today was also my 3rd wedding anniversary!

but it went by as an ordinary day…

not a special day… 

just one ordinary day… just as I feared.

No matter how hard I try thinking on somebody else’s side, even when I try to tolerate with the greatest gratitude, there are some things that I can never comprehend in its entirety.