musical voice; 25 ways to practice


finding your musical voice

voice, voice

Violin is your second voice.

It’s connection between you and your instrument.

“They hear a piece, they know the sounds in their head, but they lack the ability to convey their ideas. They’re not fluent. They have no idea if putting a finger in a certain place will produce the desired sound. This is a frustrating thing to learn because there’s really no timetable.”

Once you have foundational practice in your hands – you are ready for the next step

1.Think then know how you connect with the music personally – think of these connected moments
2.Know what you want to express musically
3.Feel emotions when playing
4.See images of what you want to express musically
5.Be present in the moment
6.Feel the music in your soul
7.Allow yourself to be Free and Lose yourself in the music
8.Know yourself – Be you
9.Be confident – no hesitation
10.Feel your personal connection with the music and your relationship with the violin


2 creating your own music

1.Create space in your schedule and your life
2.Love yourself
3.Let go of personal ego – no fear
4.Accept yourself for who you are
5.Eat well, sleep well – take care of yourself
6.Be forgiving of yourself and others
7.Release preconceived ideas
8.Be open to new ideas – yourself and others
9.Release limiting belief patterns
10.Find your flow
11.Allow yourself to be free
12.Don’t criticize yourself – every mistake is part of the art
13.Record yourself = Record those moments of brilliance!!
14.Acknowledge the beauty you are creating
15.Trial and error – be forgiving of this process



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