How to tell if the thai restaurant is a good one?


I like Pad-Thai, and it is the main dish in a Thai Restaurant. 

When I visit a Thai restaurant for the first time, I always try their Pad-Thai. 

If they are good, I come again; if not, forget about it. 

This picture is from “9 Tastes Thai Cuisine.”

I personally thought it was too sweet and salty that I had to keep drinking water. 

Nevertheless, Pad-Thai can never be too bad. 

So far, here is my personal ratings on Pad-Thai (where I had visited)

1. Pepper Sky’s (the best!); in Cambridge
2. Lemon Thai; in Wellesley
3. Pho Basil; in Boston near Berklee College of Music
4. Pho Lemon grass; in Brookline
5. Brown Sugar (one in Allston, one in Cambridge)
6. 9 Tastes Thai Cuisine; in Harvard Square, Cambridge
6. Thai Basil; on Newbury, Boston  
7. Chili Duck Thai; Boylston, Boston

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