Newbury date on a rainy day


Snappy Sushi on Newbury

I heard about this place few times, but it was my first time visiting~

Why did we come here?

because I parked just in front of this place!!

No special reasons.

Newbury is very tricky to find a parking spot!


I thought it’s a cute picture; at the entrance.

But, no Ramen is allowed for pregnant woman.

Maybe next year~


They had neat interior; main part of the restaurant is on basement down the stairs. 

waiting after ordering lunch~


triple lunch set;

perfect combination among leaf salad, seaweed salad, and the maki. 

And of course, I like spicy food so I put lots and lots of WASABI. ^^


Rosa got a lunch Don; abundant, fresh, and enough seasoning. 

I liked it, and she LOVED it~!



Yummy~~ and a girl in a red hat had a cute outfit, no?



How can girls skip a dessert? Hahaha

Very close by was the Gergetown Cupcake place; so here we are~!


One Red Velvet, and One Caramel Apple. 

No offence, but I honestly didn’t enjoy these that much, because the icing was just too much! 

The Sugar icing was covering the whole cake;

maybe that’s the point of cupcakes, but they both taste the same for me. 

I almost had a nausea…enough of sugar!


many shops already decorated for upcoming holiday season. 

Getting ready for holidays~!


Rosa wanted to go to this just-became-famous cafe, Pavement,

and I realized that it used to be the “Espresso Royal” cafe.

I liked that place~!

But this new one kept the old interior, just under different name.  


Yet, we ended up just having Starbucks drinks,

because the pavement cafe was too crowded. 

Newbury, my favorite place of Boston!!


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