Reuning and Sons Violins

I visited the new Reuning and Sons Violin shop today in Downtown Boston.

This newly located shop seemed smaller than where it used to be, but more cozy and well renovated.

Also, it is right next to the Arlington T-Station, so it became more accessible.

The address is 419 Boylston str., and it is on 8th floor.

It was my first time meeting Chris Reuning, and I asked him where he got all the wall-art (which I loved!) and he told me that many of them were from auctions.

image_12 image_2image image_8image_1 image_1   image_4 image_7image_5 image_6

Chris Reuning explained that in the picture on left, that little boy is my professor, Peter Zazofsky!

Yes, I see his nose~!

And on the right picture, the smiling man on the far left is Peter Zazofsky’s Dad, another great musician.

He used to be assistant concertmaster at Boston Symphony Orchestra.

image_9 image_10 image_11  image_13 image_14 image_15

image_16 image_17

The reason I came here was to check on my violin; it is winter, and my violin seemed to react very sensitively to the cold weather. While the violin maker Andrew Ryan was fixing on it, I was having fun looking around the new shop. I also got a new shoulder rest.



Andrew is just great; he makes great sounding violins, and he is very comfortable to talk to or discuss concerns about the violins.

Today, he adjusted my violin, changed the chin rest, changed to new (PI) G string, and showed me how to change the strings, CORRECTLY.

It was a pleasant service from the shop.


I stayed in Panera Bread & Cafe for about an hour, since my quarters were still in the parking meter.


I am leading the bible study this Friday, so I need to study it beforehand.

Well, what am I doing instead of studying?

Hello~! this is a blog~!

That was the whole morning in Boston today.


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