December’s main activity

photo 2


I have spent so much time at our Catholic Church, St.Daveluy during the last month of December.

Dec. 13-14 : Special Lecture from Fr. Abraham

Dec. 15: Sunday Youth Mass (w/ Fr. Bu Ma)

Dec. 22: Mass with Cardinal Sean O’malley

Dec. 24: Christmas Eve Mass (Fr. Abraham)

Dec.25: Christmas Mass (Fr. Dominic)

Dec. 29: Sunday Mass (Fr. John)

Dec. 31: New Year’s Eve Mass (Fr. Dominic)

Jan. 1: New Year/ Holy Day with Mary, Mother of God Mass (Fr. John)


I am very grateful that my hubby and I share same religion.

Let us be happy, blessed, and peaceful throughout 2014 as well.

Thank you god for everything that you gave us this year.

Love, Yura


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