Japan Tour Concert 1/10-1/20


Boston Chamber Orchestra Tour 1.10.14-1.20.14

Boston – New York – Tokyo – Fukuoka

long and exhausting trip for 30-week pregnant woman!



First Hotel in Fukuoka; Hotel Wajiro Kamenoi Fukuoka


Breakfast Buffet; very similar to Korean meal ^^


Here starts 8 hours of rehearsal! Everyday!!

lunch + dinner + snacks are generously served for musicians.


First Concert in Hita City; Wonderful grand new hall~~

3.5 hours of concert music made us all exhausted.

image_5 image_6

Second Hotel in Fukuoka; more traditional Japanese style bedroom and breakfast.

image_7 image_8

We had morning rehearsal off after the first concert.

Sight-seeing in Fukuoka.

image_9 image_10 image_11 image_12 image_13 image_14 image_15

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine; Temple of education; people praying for their academic success.

image_16 image_17 image_18 image_19

Free delicious European style lunch course


Third and last hotel; Fukuoka Central hotel, on Watanabe Street


All-day-long rehearsal starts again!

Look at the cute little 4-year-old pianist!! Adorable~

She was one of the 10 soloists.


Second concert in Fukuoka Symphony Hall~

10 Concerti played with soloists. 4 hours of music. Again, utterly worn-out.

This trip is not only physically arduous but also mentally tough and difficult due to backbreaking schedules. Wow!! 

image_23 image_24


Third Concert! Last one!!

Concert Marathon all day long.

12:00pm: Symphonic Movie Music

3:30pm: 3 Concerti

7:00pm: 2 short symphonic work and 2 symphonies!

We were done at 10 pm.

It was very tiring but we all survived, and enjoyed each moment of great music!


Shopping in Fukuoka; around Tenjin Station

Fukuoka is great for shopping; lots of malls and stores gathered around downtown.

I bought few pretty accessories, a reward for me after the tough concerts!


Some more bento meals~



Byebye Yukata, byebye cental hotel, byebye Koji, and see you again Fukuoka~

Thank you BCO for a great opportunity.



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