a special visit

by Irene’s god-mother/my friend

what a joyful and memorable time for all of us!

Today was also my 3rd wedding anniversary!

but it went by as an ordinary day…

not a special day… 

just one ordinary day… just as I feared.

No matter how hard I try thinking on somebody else’s side, even when I try to tolerate with the greatest gratitude, there are some things that I can never comprehend in its entirety.



One thought on “a special visit

  1. figtree23 says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Sometimes people forget the important days and sometimes they remember but it is not as important to them. I read something recently that I really like. It was about starting with the preface of the assumption of good intentions. That is, assume the best scenario for your husband. But don’t let it linger. Tell him how disappointed you are he forgot. Let him know he needs to pull his socks up.
    I love my wife but sometimes I forget things. She reminds me and I try to do better next time. Marriage is about putting out the little fires and tending the little trees. The little fires never become big but the little trees grow into giants. Imagine what would happened if we neglected both?

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