Pororo Park

This weekend, we had a trip to Pororo Theme Park.

 Hugging Pororo and friends~~

Irene was shocked at first, but eventually became super excited to meet these animation characters.
 Hide and Seek~~!

꼭꼭 숨어라~~ 어디어디 숨었니~~?!
 Wow~! The Surreal Pororo House is now Real~!!

Thanks for inviting us, Pororo~^^
 Here they come~! and Dance Dance~!

튼튼체조 궈궈~
 Can we shake hands??

Huge Block stacking, and short trail walk
Burried at the ball pool <31454207013197
Peek-a-boo~! We’ll come again~!


Mommy, I think I’m meeting Pororo again in my dreams~~


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