Mom’s birthday

Happy Birthday Mom, and Happy 34th Anniversary, Mom and Dad~! 

I love you so much~!!

11 Things that keep perfect marriage, based on what I have observed from my parents:

1. watch each other with tender and loving eyes

2. prepare dedicated food for your loved one

3. try your best to be available for help at anytime

4. go for a walk together often

5. say things that heal and encourage each other

6. listen to each other carefully and to the fullest with sincerity.

7. hug each other with joy after brief farewells.

8. give a gift from the heart on special days

9. remember and recognize your beloved one’s own scent

10. embrace and cuddle each other when sleeping

11. enjoy the cozy feeling when you wake up and realize that your the other half is next to you


(Today, Irene is super sick… she has no energy, no appetitie, and no smile…)

she even refused cheesecake!

please get well soon!!


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