Vivaldi Park

@ Hongchun 홍천홍천

nap in the car~~ what an angel~~

돼지고기찌개 @ 먹골촌 kimchi pork tofu stew


식당주인 딸래미랑 함께 잘도논다~

아직도 말리고 싶은 이 표정~~ ㅋㅋ

아빠와 함께라면~❤   

I can climb by myself!


a thief?

relaxing on the swing~

happy fam.!

walk walk walk…

there was a ski resort but babies under 36 months were not allowed…maybe next year~~

come on in mommy~~


get on it!

Gulliver’s foot

nice pics with a dolphin


daddy’s fun time, in 4D!

 Girl in a pink!

hello there~

Irene’s first experience with Ice-cream, cold yet sugary and satisfying taste, huh?


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